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UPDATE: EoS updated, Companion back online

UPDATED: All versions of Ecology of Souls have been updated and are live. The Companion is also back online. Happy reading!

Hey folks... just a quick note about some updates to Ecology of Souls. Since its release, I've been keeping track of typos. I haven't found many—probably one per 10,000 words—but about three were significant enough to warrant an update of the interiors. There is a misplaced block quote on p. 75 of Volume One, another misplaced block quote between p.111-112 of Volume Two, and a (hilarious) repeated phrase in the opening pages of Volume Two ("... in bed. in bed. in bed.").

There were also quite a few titles in the Companion which, when formatted, were de-italicized. Most people won't notice, most who notice won't care, but I know, and it bugs me. So that's being fixed as well. These things happen, of course. The good news is that, with something like Amazon, fixing such problems is pretty straightforward (<fingers crossed>). All the changes have been made, and I will hopefully be uploading new layouts for all four books later today (V1, V2, Companion, eBook) as well as the free version of the Companion.

Amazon's algorithms are pesky. I didn't share it here, but when I made some small changes to the Companion cover early on, I got sucked into a Kafka trap. Long story short, Amazon flagged me for self-plagiarization, since I had put it up for free. It took some convincing on my behalf for them to let it through, but the end result was taking the free version offline, reordering it, and resubmitting.

Therefore, the free version of the Companion will be offline for a few days until Amazon approves the print version. Sorry for any inconvenience—check back here, and I will make it obvious when it is back up.




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