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Joshua at Strange Realities 2023 - 11/3-11/5!

I'm a bit late announcing this here, but better late than never, right?

I am so excited for the FIFTH ANNUAL (where has the time gone?!?) Strange Realities Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, hosted by my good friend Adam Sayne. The event will take place November 3 through November 5, with Sunday being online only. I believe my talk will close out Saturday, but the exact schedule is a bit fluid.

As per usual, Adam has put together an absolutely fantastic lineup. Just take a look:

Speakers include Tim Binnall, Zack Hunt, Chelslyn Vance, Wren Collier, Tobias Wayland, Brent Raynes, Joshua Cutchin, Kiki Dombrowski, Recluse, Nathan Isaac, Christopher Ernst, Aaron Gulyas, David Metcalfe, Timothy Renner, Mallory Cywinski, Seriah Azkath, and Michael M. Hughes, with special guest Steve Berg as Master of Ceremonies.

This is always a great time, with a lively after-party each day for ample socializing. You can pick up tickets at the Strange Realities website. I truly hope to see some of y'all there!




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Photo by Nicole Eason


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