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Where the Footprints End:

High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon

Volume 2 - Evidence

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Dark Holler Arts (2020)   


Despite continued attempts to uncover the truth, proof of the bigfoot
phenomenon has eluded researchers and cryptozoologists for decades.
Witnesses regularly describe seeing and interacting with something like a large, undiscovered hominid… and yet, such sightings regularly produce evidence directly at odds with conventional scientific explanations. It seems impossible to reconcile these peculiarities—among them mystery lights, UFOs, unusual sounds, mindspeak, cryptic stick signs, and anomalous footprints and trackways—with the notion of flesh-and-blood creatures evading detection in the modern frontier.

As remarkable as the discovery of a manlike primate would be, what if
bigfoot is something stranger still?

Volume II of Where the Footprints End follows the trail blazed by authors Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner, demonstrating how deeply the inexplicable, peripheral oddities of High Strangeness are infused in our contemporary wild man mythology. The journey concludes with a pair of case studies exemplifying how the mysterious mess of the supernatural collides with reality, generating truly baffling encounters.

No one knows exactly where the footprints end… but these mark the final steps of our journey.

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"Magnificent... In paranormal literature especially, responsible scholarly circumspection is always warranted and is here exceedingly met... The text is authoritative while approachable, their research exhaustive but not exhausting. Together these two volumes should stand as the go-to texts for anyone interested in the more esoteric aspects of the bigfoot phenomenon. Essential."

— Eric Hoffmann, Fortean Times

"Volume II of Where the Footprints End continues where the groundbreaking first volume left off, and delves deeper into the paranormal bigfoot enigma by recognizing that the witness’s mind is an active participant during encounters."

— Greg Bishop, author of Project Beta

"I absolutely LOVED Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon, Volume I: Folklore by Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner. This is one of the most important books to ever be written on the subject, the "other side" of Bigfoot. And Volume II will blow everyone away. I am so excited to see this book hit the cryptozoology world smack in the jaw. This will inspire researchers to see why some of the research is sending them in circles and others are seeing more activity because they are embracing this side of Sasquatch - the strange side, which is leading us down the path to the truth. There is a strong correlation with the UFO secrecy and Bigfoot... Maybe UFOs, Bigfoot, the spirit world are more alike than we think - maybe they are one in the same? Bigfoot doesn’t care if you believe or not. Get ready to go down the rabbit hole. Open your eyes to the other side and prepare to have your worldview shifted. This will indeed be considered a classic for future generations to read. We can only hope that Volume III is right around the corner."

— Ronny Le Blanc, author of Monsterland series, star of Expedition Bigfoot and Paranormal Caught on Camera

"There is so much in this book that isn't just about Bigfoot. There are parallels within every paranormal discipline, such that I can't help but say--it's all related. It may not all be the same exact unknown and possibly unknowable thing—but they are all related, for certain.

I've officially turned in my 'flesh and blood' hypothesis club card and now see Bigfoot as another mystery that may never be solved, a brother to ghosts and companion to UFO's."

— Barbara Fisher, Six Degrees of John Keel

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