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Anomalist Books (2015)


Accept food from faeries, and you’ll never escape their realm, according to European folklore. Accept food from Sasquatch and you will forever be trapped in the spirit world, according to indigenous North American tales. And today, abductees—at least those who have returned—often report being offered strange beverages from their captors. Are these similarities mere coincidence, or is something more at play?


In this outstanding example of scholarship on the unknown, Joshua Cutchin has created the world’s first survey and analysis of the food and drink offered by aliens, faeries, and Sasquatch. The offerings are often not what they appear to be: some liquids have healing or aphrodisiac qualities, some foods expand awareness, and there are ointments that reveal an invisible world.


Through his playful explorations of every possibility—from the outer regions of space to the inner sanctum of the human mind—A TROJAN FEAST offers new insight into our relationship with these strange creatures of the outer edge.

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"Now and again, a book is published that is destined to become a classic. Granted, it doesn’t happen too often nowadays in Ufology, but when it does, it’s well worth the wait. There is one that falls into that exact category and which has just been released: Joshua Cutchin’s A Trojan Feast... this is - in my view - the definitive study of an aspect of the paranormal that has, until now, been vastly unappreciated and consistently misunderstood... A Trojan Feast absolutely nails it."

Nick Redfern, best-selling author, Ufologist, and Cryptozoologist

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"... a fantastic book belonging in the libraries of all interested in Bigfoot's diet."

- Loren Coleman, Cryptozoologist


"[Cutchin is] a fortean in the fullest and finest sense… A splendid job all around."

- Jerome Clark, fortean researcher



“The humble subject of food in anomalistic accounts serves, in Cutchin’s measured, learned, and lucid argument, as proof that high strangeness events may be uncertain and discordant, but not incomprehensible.”

— Thomas E. Bullard, folklorist (ret.), Indiana University, Bloomington


“Joshua Cutchin has brought together a contemplative and truly unique folkloric analysis of the way that food and drink fits into the broader narrative of purported strange phenomena. In doing so, Cutchin provides, in the very truest sense, ‘food for thought.’”

— Micah Hanks, author of Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule


"With A Trojan Feast, Joshua Cutchin has FINALLY answered the question which has confounded all fans of the Wachowskis: How could Neo be freed from the Matrix by ingesting the red pill, if the pill only existed in the Matrix —i.e. it wasn't 'real'? You wanna free your mind? Read this book!"

— Red Pill Junkie


"Joshua has written A Trojan Feast, a singularly amazing and insightful book about food offerings in UFO and other paranormal encounters. For me, reading it was one of those 'Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?' moments."


— Greg Bishop, author of Project Beta and "Radio Misterioso" host


"... JC spends most of the book doing the only intelligent thing possible: he circles around the problem like a weasel around a very big chicken. Intimidating the data into once place and telling it to stop squawking is actually a major achievement... Fascinating stuff: wonder what Josh’s next project is."

— "Dr. Beachcombing" of


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