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Horse & Barrel (2022)


From altered states of consciousness and hauntings to ancient civilizations and UFOs, paranormal phenomena seem to share a common suite of attributes. Witnesses hear peculiar buzzing sounds, experience missing time, or behold unearthly bright lights. Entities vanish after delivering spiritual messages, leaving the initiated with amnesia and lingering poltergeist effects. Why do these disparate fields have so much in common?

The answer may have been hiding in plain sight: death, the greatest mystery of all, binds together the entirety of the supernatural.

Drawing upon a wealth of supporting evidence from his first entry, Joshua Cutchin concludes Ecology of Souls with an exploration of how death manifests both across the UFO phenomenon as well as in sightings of cryptids, those animals whose very existence conventional science denies. A shocking possibility reveals itself: that supposed "extraterrestrials" may be more invested in souls than spaceships... and, in fact, may not be so alien after all.



“In Ecology of Souls, Joshua Cutchin makes the case for an ecological perspective on the paranormal, with the processes of death and dying seen as essential clues for unravelling its mysteries. Paranormal entities of all different kinds are conceived as psychopomps performing ancient cosmic functions—ushering souls in their transition to the other side. By applying comparative methods—examining patterns across different cultural and folkloric traditions, and exploring commonalities between experiential narratives—Cutchin builds an argument for the centrality of death in all manner of paranormal experiences. This book is a bold and innovative contribution to Fortean research and scholarship, and a kaleidoscopic expedition into the wilds of the paranormal ecosystem.”

- Jack Hunter, PhD, editor of Greening the Paranormal: Exploring the Ecology of Extraordinary Experience

“In a world where there are an infinite amount of questions, Joshua Cutchin has some of the answers! He offers a refreshing look into the concept of death and paranormal experiences through a fascinating lens while going back to our cultural lore. Whether you are curious or a skilled anomalous researcher, this book should be a must-add to any library.” 

– Alex Matsuo, founder and director of Association of Paranormal Study