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Anomalist Books (2016)


Something Foul This Way Comes

Witnesses the world over claim to see spirits, UFOs, Sasquatch, and other

phenomena that are not supposed to exist. Most cannot believe their eyes, yet some of these observers have also detected evidence of a more ephemeral nature—odors abound, in particular the stench of brimstone.

In the first book of its kind, Joshua Cutchin, author of the highly praised A

Trojan Feast, documents these uncommon scents and poses a startling

possibility... that smell is a sense ripe for deception.

We trust our eyes and ears, but should we trust our noses?


Available from Anomalist Books



The Brimstone Deceit can rightly be called an instant classic because it articulates a refreshingly original approach to the paranormal and more importantly, how witnesses interpret their experiences. Joshua Cutchin carefully builds his case with fascinating, startling, and entertaining accounts from throughout history to show us that when it comes to UFOs, Bigfoot, and other High Strangeness, the nose may really know what has been knocking at our doors for millennia.”

— Greg Bishop, author of Project Beta

"The Brimstone Deceit is a gripping and eye-opening examination of how, why, and under what specific circumstances odors play notable – arguably, integral – roles in encounters of the paranormal kind."

"... an in-depth and excellent study of how, and under certain circumstances, the likes of sulfur and brimstone were so often linked to the world of the paranormal...."

— Nick Redfern, Fortean researcher and author

"... a huge effort in collating material and will no doubt be referred to by people with very different viewpoints."

— Peter Rogerson, Magonia Review of Books

“This book stinks! The Brimstone Deceit brings a fascinating new dimension to the anomalistic sensorium.”

— Mark Pilkington, author of Mirage Men

"Once again Joshua Cutchin knocks it out of the park! ... Joshua is like a breath of fresh air in this community. Great work, great idea and a great book! If you are at all interested in the unknown, the strange and the mysterious then you definitely need this book in your collection."

— Kyle Philson, host of Expanded Perspectives podcast

"With this book, Joshua shows himself to be a master of taking something small, completely overlooked, and showing that it actually has a lot to tell us about these phenomena that we categorize as paranormal... Both of his books should be mandatory reading for people exploring these mysteries, as they go into territory never before examined, and show some surprising results."

—Seriah Azkath, host of Where Did the Road Go? podcast

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