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Anomalist Books (2018)


Folklore has always warned of hidden dangers lurking in the shadows, otherworldly beings who seek to steal that which parents hold most dear.

In the first book dedicated solely to the subject, Joshua Cutchin traces this primal concern from antiquity to the modern era—beginning with worldwide tales of faeries, changelings, spirits, demons, and monsters, before examining more contemporary phenomena such as Sasquatch kidnappings, alien abductions, and mysterious disappearances​ in national parks. Folklore, medicine, science, and spirituality come together for a uniquely scholarly perspective on the thieves in the night.

Available from Anomalist Books
Cover art by Mister Sam Shearon



“Joshua Cutchin's Thieves in the Night deserves a place on your bookshelf next to Keith Thompson's Angels and Aliens and Jacques Vallee's Passport to Magonia—a truly fascinating and darkly disturbing investigation into the predatory nature of fairies, aliens and all the shadowy beings that live among us, lurking just outside our view.”

— Richard Hatem, screenwriter of The Mothman Prophecies

"Joshua Cutchin has written a new masterwork. Fairy lore might seem quaint and outdated, but these fables are vital and alive. This is a magical book, and after reading it, you will walk anew in an enchanted world."

— Mike Clelland, author of The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity, and the UFO Abductee

"Will curl your hair, guaranteed... Joshua looked at [supernatural child abductions] with the clear eyes of a guy who knows how to walk the tightrope...."

— Whitley Strieber, author of Communion

"This book comes just at the right time... Joshua Cutchin approaches the issue in an extremely even-handed manner, made all the more incisive by his ability to speak in the language of folklorists, while still retaining a left field Fortean perspective... Thieves in the Night represents the most detailed attempt to date to collate both folklore and contemporary testimony in order to understand the phenomenon of supernatural child abduction, which has been reported as a reality for centuries."

— Neil Rushton, author of Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

“Whether you agree or not, he is at least discussing interesting topics and meaningful correlations. He writes with passion and insight… Either way, it deserves to be read by any thoughtful person.”

— Bob Rickard, Fortean Times

"I find [Cutchin] to be a breath of fresh air in a fairly stale realm of study... He's the best paranormal writer that I know." 

— Greg Carlwood, Host of The Higherside Chats


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