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Horse & Barrel (2023)


- The debut novel from acclaimed paranormal author Joshua Cutchin -

Rick Coulter only wants three things: to repair his relationships, forget his past, and perform his music. After isolation forces him into a self-destructive spiral, he comes to suspect that his remote Georgia home might not be as empty as it seems. The mountains harbor something secretive and ancient—something beyond human. Enlisting the aid of old friends and new acquaintances, Rick embarks on a journey of discovery carrying profound implications for his past and future. With terrifying clarity, they realize that, while far from their heyday, the ways of old are alive and well.



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“Josh spins an enchantment rooted in 19th century Ireland, transplants it into 20th century Appalachia and then brings it to fruition in the 21st century. His narrative voice, filled with shadows and music, draws the reader into the story stealthily, dancing us into a spinning circle where past and future meet and we find that what we thought we knew about our reality wasn't real after all. Worth reading and re-reading."

- Barbara Fisher, 6 Degrees of John Keel

"Them Old Ways Never Died is a magisterial tale of redemption, realised through the prism of folklore but revolving around the skewed, secularised perspectives of the 21st century... The past informs the present, and the time-jumps deftly shed light on the disoriented life of Rick, as he attempts to navigate his way through broken relationships, alcoholism, and the ever-increasing presence of non-human intelligent entities. It is a story cemented in reality and ventilated by the Otherworld—it is sinister, disquieting and eldritch, but also an exquisite paean to the human spirit and the beauty of absolution."

- Dr Neil Rushton, author of Dead but Dreaming

"What Joshua did is remarkable. He boiled down a lifetime of studies into a work of fiction. More is presented, and in the most personal ways, than any of his other works. This is an essential book!"

- Mike Clelland, author of The Messengers

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