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WATCH: FunkCake: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  (The Beatles), Cabbage Alley (Meters)

WATCH: FunkCake: St. James Infirmary  (trad.)

WATCH: Antsy McClain: When You're Laughing  (Music & lyrics by A. McClain)

WATCH: FunkCake: Cabbage Alley (Meters)

WATCH: Live at The Velvet Note: Anthropology (Parker)

WATCH: Solo play-along: Limehouse Blues (Furbur/Braham)

WATCH: FunkCake - Greatest Hits

WATCH: FunkCake trio: Avalon (Jolson/Rose)

WATCH: Live at The Velvet Note: Sweet Georgia Brown

WATCH: Papa Legba: Down By Law  (Music & lyrics by J. Cutchin)

WATCH: Half Dozen Brass Band: Big Fat Woman/Eb Blues  (Traditional)

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