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As the Half Dozen Brass Band, the Bigfoot Brass Band performed extensively in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, with festival appearances in Wisconsin and Florida.

  • “It is imperative that you check this band out… [They] were so tight light could barely escape.” – Tony Floyd, Flagpole Magazine


  • “… without a doubt these cats take off the roof with their live performances.” –


  • “There is a clean sense of symbiosis and exchange in ‘Floatin’ Down Catawba’ and ‘Where Otis Went’—horns speaking back and forth, yet never crowding one another.  HDBB serves up, if not a rebirth, then certainly a hearty dose of the cool.” – Zachary Greenberg, Nashville Review


  • “… I was blown away. This is New Orleans jazz at its finest.” – Jordan Stepp,


  • “Athens-based jazz band with quite the pedigree…” – Athens Banner-Herald, Marquee Magazine


  • “No need to drive from morn ’til night to catch some honest-to-goodness New Orleans jazz, folks. We have a band right here in the Classic City that goes perfectly with crawfish étouffée and red beans and rice.” – Bob Brussack,


  • “Stunning, versatile… It’s just hard not to smile listening to the upbeat blasts of Half Dozen Brass Band.” – Michelle Gilzenrat, Flagpole Magazine


  • “… an unstoppable groove machine… insane solo playing….” - Keith Robinson, Texas Lutheran University


  • “… I will claim to know good music when I hear it. And this, this is not good music. This is amazing, feet stomping, hand waving, marching music. Even [in Athens], in a town so littered with talented musicians and blessed by a thriving rock, punk rock, neo-rock and indie-rock scene, no band in Athens can match the Dixie funk espoused by these bad brass boys…  I’ve seen dancing at many an Athens show; I have never seen a crowd react so strongly and favorably to a song.  Ever.” – Anna Ferguson, Guide To Athens


  • “The whole of Easy Street feels comfortable and simultaneously energizing, like stepping out for a night on Bourbon Street.” – Erica Batten, Charlotte Observer


  • “Full of nostalgia, Easy Street is a beautiful mix of exuberant joy, upbeat swings, along with a bit of gris-gris and exotic throbbing.  Listeners will be powerfully charmed.” – Observer News Enterprise, Newton NC


  • "This is one terrific jazz band, and if you see them heading to our town again, it is one you just have to go see." - Atlanta Cultural Arts


  • "HDBB showcases a rare ability to be celebratory and smooth at the same time." - Zachary Greenburg, Nashville Review


  • "Athens is lucky to have this little sliver of New Orleans heaven right here in our own Classic City." - Anna Ferguson Hall, Guide to Athens


  • "These guys are hot—and they get it... They capture a groove that is rarely heard outside of the Crescent City." - Danny Rubio, Dukes of Dixieland


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