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Appearance on Binnall of America

I had the distinct pleasure of appearing on one of my favorite radio programs last night, Tim Binnall's aptly named Binnall of America. I started listening to Tim about a year ago, and, for what it's worth, he quickly emerged as one of my favorite interviewers for his pointed and insightful style.

Tim should have the audio of his show up sometime in the next few days, but if you'd like to listen to last night's show, it's up in its raw form here. We have a blast walking through A Trojan Feast, and slowly but surely we dig down into the deep-tissue issues about paranormal phenomena as a whole. My favorite chunk was probably the last 40 minutes, where we have a post-show discussion that ranges far and wide.

Definitely give Tim's show a look, even if you aren't into the unexplained. He often has guest on there that talk about history (such as last week's Peabody-worthy discussion with a survivor of the Jonestown massacre) and overlooked current events (including the horrifying nature of crimes on cruise ships).

Keep at it, Tim—you're one of the good guys.



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A Trojan Feast

Can small, almost mundane details in accounts of anomalous events—be it encounters with UFO entities, faeries, or Sasquatch—reveal anything valuable about the nature of these unusual events?

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