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Mystery UFOtography

This picture has been out there for a while on Reddit, but the folks over at Week in Weird have republished a curious photo that sends chills up my spine. The poster claims to have discovered the picture on his phone one morning, with the time stamp indicating an hour when he was asleep. The original photo isn't that remarkable:

"It's just a camera flash, right?"

Photo courtesy of

But with a few exposure settings slid around on Photoshop, the picture gets more ominous:

"Oh, HELL NO."

Photo courtesy of

Lots of folks out there seems to think this photo smacks of someone who is, at the very worst, pre-Alien Abduction and, at best, watching a UFO.

My take? It certainly gives me the willies. Maybe someone—a roomate, a girlfriend, a supernaturally resourceful cat—was messing with him, or maybe he's messing with us; Reddit has a pretty diverse pool of participants, so it's not out of the question. I'm not convinced that the "light in the sky" isn't just a reflection of a camera flash in a window (after all, who is taking the photo of him if he's about to be abducted?).

Still, that theory leaves a lot of unanswered questions: why are there two lights in the sky? How is the flash only illuminating the subject's shoulders? And, of course, who took the picture? What's your take?



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Photo by Nicole Eason


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