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Synchronicities aplenty

A wonderfully quaint synchronicity was brought to my attention this past Tuesday—my good friend and fellow Fortean Red Pill Junkie sent the following Tweet my way:

On Facebook, RPJ included the screenshot and wrote:

Today I'm having my chat with Tim Binnall, following on the footsteps of my buds Brent Swancer and Joshua Cutchin.

Joshua is the author of A Trojan Feast, in which he discusses the old term known as 'foison'.

So... guess what was the 'word of the day' on my Dictionary app!

I guess the Universe is giving its 2 thumbs up of approval for tonight's show.

Anyone who has read A Trojan Feast (or even just listened to a few of my interviews) will immediately recognize this term, albeit spelled foyson, as the name by which denizens of the British Isles referred to the "essence" faeries extracted from their food offerings.

The "chat" RPJ mentioned was his July 14 appearance on the internet radio program Binnall of America. Interestingly enough, out of all the shows I've appeared on thus far, host Tim Binnall took the greatest interest in the foyson concept when I spoke with him back in May. Even more coincidentally, RPJ was the first live guest to appear on BoA since—you guessed it—me.

To listen to RPJ on BoA (an episode I can't recommend highly enough, as I think the world both of Tim and RPJ), click here.



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