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Where Did the Road Go?

This past Saturday I had the chance to talk with host Seriah Azkath on his show, Where Did the Road Go?, about A Trojan Feast. It was a great conversation, one where we got to stray a little farther afield than usual, and Seriah's fluency in these topics gave us the perfect opportunity to go a little deeper than usual.

If you aren't familiar with WDTRG?, I strongly suggest you start listening! It's a fantastic program.

You can find my conversation with Seriah, as well as links to all my other interviews, right here.



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Photo by Nicole Eason


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A Trojan Feast

Can small, almost mundane details in accounts of anomalous events—be it encounters with UFO entities, faeries, or Sasquatch—reveal anything valuable about the nature of these unusual events?

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