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Coming up for air.

Seems as if I'm the one drowning in faerie these days. I know it's been awfully quiet 'round these here parts as of late. The primary reason is that I'm in the home stretch of Book #3—I have six chapters left. It's been probably the most challenging thing I've written for a lot of reasons. It's more heavily cited than the last one (I'm already at 1,100 endnotes), but it's also just a big subject to get my arms around.

In addition to supernatural child abduction, this book is also forcing me to finally tackle the subject of human-alien hybrids ... [eyeroll]... something that I've found hard to take seriously until now. And I do take it seriously now! I just think we're misinterpreting things, which I try to take apart.

The book also represents what may be the most comprehensive collection of faerie abduction lore to be written in the last 40 years, at least.

I've been pretty diligent with cranking out one book a year, but I'm going to need a hiatus after this bad boy. The good news is that means more blogs are in the future! Anyway, I appreciate the continued support from everyone. Cheer me on in your dreams...!



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A Trojan Feast

Can small, almost mundane details in accounts of anomalous events—be it encounters with UFO entities, faeries, or Sasquatch—reveal anything valuable about the nature of these unusual events?

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