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Weird Bigfoot: An Update

Hi all.

Things've been quiet around here lately, huh? Well, it's been busy over in meatspace. As some of you are aware, my wife and I are expecting twins soon. How soon? No idea. But... soon? So there's a lot of planning and prepping and worrying going on in that sector.

But I'm not letting my Fortean fields go fallow. My good friend Timothy Renner and I are also expecting. We're working on what we believe will be the definitive "weird Bigfoot" book: a one-stop shop encompassing all of the strangest things about large, hairy hominids across the globe.

While I'm still open to some component of the Bigfoot mystery having a flesh-and-blood component, I have found far too many similarities between other aspects of folklore to deny that there is at least a partial metaphysical component to these sightings. Cryptozoology has never fully engaged with this. It hasn't, to put it in Ufological terms, had its "Passport to Magonia moment." Hopefully this book fills that role. I say this not to compare Tim or myself to Jacques Vallee—neither of us will ever reach that level—but rather to say that I strongly believe this book will hold staunch flesh-and-blood Bigfooters accountable to the robust folklore they have ignored for decades.

I'm about 3/4 finished with my contribution to the project, but I'm sure I'll add a few more bits and pieces here and there (it's going to be a big book... I'm not sure we're not looking at a "Volumes I & II" situation, here). It should be here either late 2019 or early 2020.

In the meantime, check out this episode of Tim's Strange Familiars podcast—it's a real taste of the tone and subject matter of our "weird Bigfoot" collaboration.



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