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Joshua Cutchin at Nashville's STRANGE REALITIES CONFERENCE 2019

I'm very pleased to announce another speaking appearance! I'll be joining my dear friends from the Conspirinormal podcast for their inaugural STRANGE REALITIES 2019 conference. (If you don't listen to their show, please do so. It's a great crew of well-read folks). Besides the podcast hosts, other speakers are the illustrious Tim Binnall, Joe Dimare, Guy Malone, Mark A. Wyatt, and—I can't seem to get away from this bloke—Timothy Renner. Tim and I will be giving two talks each: our joint presentation of WHERE THE FOOTPRINTS END as well as solo lectures. I'll be sharing an updated version of an older, briefer presentation only given once before in private: "STOCK & TRADE: Expressions of the Changeling Stock Motif in Alien Hybrid Lore."

By all appearances, it looks like the Conspirinormal folks have really outdone themselves not only in pulling together a great group of presenters, but in terms of being prepared and organized. To visit their website, click here.



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Photo by Nicole Eason


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