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FREE online presentation Friday, Oct. 2

The Tewksbury (MA) Public Library recently approached me about kicking off their "Fright Nights: Virtual Paranormal Programs" event this year. It's a fantastic line up of speakers talking about all manner of spooky topics, just in time for Halloween 2020. I'll be sharing my faerie presentation, 'Stock & Trade: Expressions of the Changeling Motif in Alien Hybrid Lore' (retitled as 'The Legends of Changelings and Evil Faeries').

While many believe that extraterrestrials lie behind the phenomenon commonly known as "alien abductions," a robust folklore tradition points to another culprit: the faeries. The key to understanding the UFO contact experience may well lie in the legends of changelings, where faeries kidnapped healthy human babies and replaced them with something much more sinister... Set aside quaint notions from children's storybooks and join Joshua Cutchin as he explores the history of these mischievous, dangerous entities.

The presentation is free, but you must sign up for a "seat." You can reserve that at this link.




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Photo by Nicole Eason


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A Trojan Feast

Can small, almost mundane details in accounts of anomalous events—be it encounters with UFO entities, faeries, or Sasquatch—reveal anything valuable about the nature of these unusual events?

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