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It is with greatest pleasure that I can announce Them Old Ways Never Died is officially available on Amazon! August 28 has special significance to me, and provided a special resonance with the contents of the novel... I'd share it here, but it might be a bit spoilery. So you'll just have to wait until I share my reasoning down the road in-person or in a podcast.

Technically, the link was live a few days beforehand—I have to upload everything to get author's copies—but today is the official release. Amazon's turnaround on copies has been shockingly quick, so I daresay you could have it in your hands by mid-week.

A paperback directly from Amazon is only one of several options, of course. You can also pick up the Kindle ebook, which is also live today (thanks to all of your who pre-ordered!). I will say that there are two meta-commentary moments that best work in paperback form, however, so take that under consideration (on top of books just being, y'know, better in nearly every regard).

You can also, as ever, procure a signed copy directly from me. Just write me at and we'll set up all the particulars.

As a special treat, I've linked a conversation that dropped today, on release day, with Greg Taylor of The Daily Grail and frequent DG contributor Miguel "Red Pill Junkie" Romero. RPJ also did the fantastic cover art, and the lovely fox illustration on the title page.

I'll have more to say about Them Old Ways Never Died in the future. For now, I'm just delighted that these characters can finally exist and take on lives of their own in your heads. They've been getting a bit cramped in mine, and will appreciate the company.

Finally—here's the obnoxious part—if you enjoyed Them Old Ways Never Died, please, please, please leave a review on Amazon. Even a single sentence can help feed the almighty algorithm.

Talk again soon!




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