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Two conferences in one weekend?!? What!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I will be bilocating Labor Day weekend! Well, not really. But I will be presenting at two conferences. The first, for which details are still forthcoming, is DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia on August 31-September 4. This is my second time at this conference in my own backyard, and I'm excited to see some old friends, from both here in town and abroad. Panels have yet to be announced, but check the link above for updates.

The second is a pre-recorded presentation featured during Ryan Sprague's Anomacon on September 1 and 2. It's a stellar lineup of 36 presenters. I mean, just look at this thing!

The event will be hosted through Ryan's YouTube channel. As for my part, my presentation is entitled Djinn, dolmens, and doppelgängers: Revisiting the Xavier Clarés Jerez Case. Here's the summary:

In 1985, Xavier Clarés Jerez disappeared for 34 hours while photographing a Neolithic site in Vallgorguina, Spain. Over the coming weeks, he would tell a fantastic story, one largely forgotten by contemporary researchers, but accompanied by what may be the Holy Grail of Ufology: photographs of non-human entities. Where are these photographs today, what do they show, and—most importantly—are they genuine? Joshua Cutchin seeks to revive the discussion around this long-lost encounter, which, whether authentic or a hoax, is still worth remembering as unique in the history of flying saucers.

As you can tell, it's an odd case, and may very well be a hoax. Even if it is, it deserves to be saved from the dustbin of Ufological history, however, because... let me tell you... it's nuts. And a pretty deep rabbit hole. Hopefully i can stay on target and deliver it in a timely fashion!

Hope to see some familiar faces at both events. Lots of exciting news on the horizon, including another new book release!




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